Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UT vs. Colorado

This is video of Texas getting a field goal blocked by Colorado. Texas always likes to do things the hard way.

On October 10, 2009 my dad and I witnessed the then #2 Texas Longhorns defeat the unranked, awful, Dan Hawkins led Colorado Buffaloes. The Longhorns sure like to have slow starts that's for sure! The good things about the evening were...

1.) My dad and I attended our first UT football game together as adults.
2.) Receiver/ Punt Returner Jordan Shipley was amazing to watch!
3.) I ate nacho's w/ jalapeno's and I didn't even cry.
4.) Former BSU coach Dan Hawkins was given the loss he deserves and we even watched him bench his own quarterback kid Cody Hawkins. I was so happy!

The Bad things were...
1.) Watching a non existent running game for Texas.
2.) Colt McCoy SUCKED! I don't care who you are! That kid should not be in the Heisman voting.
3.) Some rude fans that we first sat next to. My dad could have put the man in the hospital w/ one punch...but he didn't. Good job at not "Hulking" out dad.

Anyways the stadium was awesome and it was good to see them win. I would have hated to see what the fans would have done to Coach Mack Brown if they had lost. Probably re sign him to a 20 year contract extension.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Christmas Wish...The "Breakin" Soundtrack.

My sister will hate this post but I know Kevin Fairhurst will love it. I can't believe Courtney Fielding has never heard of this movie!